Naturopathic Treatment Philosophy


Identify and treat the cause of poor health not just the symptoms

There are times when relief of symptoms is required however our main aim is to get to the root cause of the problem so that symptoms can be alleviated for good where possible.

Treat the person not the disease

We recognise that you are an individual with different circumstances and motivations to the last client. This is why we try to build treatments specific for your needs.

Support the body’s innate healing mechanisms

We aim to provide the body with everything it needs to return to balance and support those inbuilt healing processes.

Educate and empower clients to take charge of their own health

Ultimately our aim is to educate our clients to know their bodies better and feel confident in making choices for their well-being.

What does a Naturopathic treatment at Adonai Natural Health involve?


Diet Therapy

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. Every cell, organ, hormone and enzyme in our body is derived from substances that we get from what we eat and drink and we cannot function well without enough of the right “goodies”. Unfortunately with our modern lifestyle and western diet we too often ingest things that can disrupt processes that are essential for staying well and feeling alive. This is often referred to as toxicity. It’s for this reason that dietary advice and education is crucial to any Naturopathic treatment.

Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes a diet analysis and health assessment may reveal nutritional deficiencies or conditions that have been shown to benefit from good quality supplementation of specific nutrients. In these cases extra support with supplementation may be required while we are addressing the diet.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries all over the world as the main source of “medicine”. Many herbs/plants are now gaining a great deal of attention from the scientific community as we discover more about how they work and their effectiveness. Herbal medicines can be prepared as tablets, teas or liquid preparations and are useful in both balancing and enhancing many processes in the body.

Lifestyle coaching

The effects of our modern lifestyle are becoming more and more recognised as significant contributing factors to many conditions and general lack of vitality. Toxins, sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor sleep are contributing to the toxic load we bare in our bodies. Rest, Relaxation and appropriate exercise are crucial for staying well and preventing disease. Guidance on how to implement these is an important aspect of treatment.